Baby Cotton Mattress Protector Bassinette - Fairydown

Baby Cotton Mattress Protector Bassinette - Fairydown

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ソース / 船から :  ニュージーランド

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Fairydown New Zealand is the premium brand when it comes to quality bedding and items which keep us warm and comfortable
JPY 3,142


Keep you baby’s bassinette clean and dry with Fairydown’s mattress protector

Fairydown New Zealand has been supplying us with warmth and comfort for decades and continues to bring innovation together with practicality. Although Fairydown presents premium products to the consumer, affordability is always on the agenda.

This bassinette mattress protector for the baby is made of waterproof cotton and can be easily washed offed when toilet accidents happen

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ソース ニュージーランド
価格 JPY 3,142
ブランド Fairydown
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Size: 80 X 45 Cm (19 cm Skirt fitted)