Baby Washable Wool Matress Protector - Fairydown

Baby Washable Wool Matress Protector - Fairydown

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Fairydown New Zealand gives us an array of premium quality products for adult and baby alike - so don't settle for poor quality, trust fairydown
JPY 4,716


Trust Fairydown for allery free baby bedding – machine washable

Fairydown’s Bassinnet Wool Mattress Protector  is a premium cover with baby bedding in mind. It is made of  breathable waterproof backing and can be washed in a standard machine. Furthemore is is Allergy and Asthma friendly for the more sensitive baby.

This extra soft and cosy protector will give baby an extra layer of cushioning for a more relaxing sleep and is filled with pure wool.

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ソース ニュージーランド
価格 JPY 4,716
ブランド Fairydown
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Fits 80 cm X 45 Cm (19 cm Fitted Skirt)